The ONE Thing I'll Never Travel Without Again...


I was so compelled to write this post after my flight that I’m currently sitting at the Hong Kong airport, waiting for my next flight, only minutes after deplaning a 15-hour leg from JFK. I swear this wasn’t an attempt at a clickbait-y post title. I’ve never been one to swear by any singular product or “thing”— and yet here we are. I pinky swear, scout’s honor, cross-my-heart, PROMISE that everything you read here is genuine sentiment (mostly exuberance).

So without further delay…

I present…

the one and only…

Jet Lag Mask


Yeah, I know, everyone is already raving about it. Just hear me out.

I succumbed to peer pressure and purchased the mask myself for two reasons: 1) Everyone was talking about its magical powers, and 2) Packaging, packaging, packaging.

That being said. I’ve fallen prey numerous times to products that just don’t deliver, even after everyone gushes and raves. I actually thought this tube of stuff would fall into that category— I tried the Summer Fridays mask on at home (immediately) and didn’t notice a damn change. After two more attempts and no results, I was moments away from chucking it into my tote for the office “freebie” pile.

I decided to give it another life in my carry-on luggage as my in-flight hydration solution. I always travel with sheet masks but find a lot of the mask serums and moisturizing agents to be a bit sticky. After the cabin doors shut on a 15-hour trans-Pacific flight, I slathered this on, put on my eye mask, and snoozed.

Eight hours later, I woke up to a mediocre breakfast egg concoction, coffee (bless your hearts, Cathay Pacific flight attendants), and (after a quick glance in the mirror) a surprisingly dewy complexion.

I almost fell out of my seat. I have never (in my years of travelling) seen hydrated skin this long into a flight. I’ve tried face mists, sheet masks, and enough serums and moisturizers to fill a lab— nothing compared to this.

This mask is going to be the first thing I pack on every trip I take. I strongly advise you do the same.