Explore: Sitges, Spain


Sitges is a little coastal town that is a short drive away from Barcelona. Sitges has its own microclimate (it's protected by the nearby mountain ranges) so you're blessed with incredible weather most of the year. Seriously, if it rains on the other side of the mountains and in Barcelona it's still sunny and gorgeous in Sitges. If you're looking to get out of Barcelona for the day (and spend some quality time on/near the beach instead of fighting it out with a million people in Barceloneta) definitely head to Sitges! 

The town's main landmark is the church (or cathedral, as it's sometimes referred to). If you ever find yourself lost and aimlessly wandering the streets, you can use this as your Northern Star. The streets are super tiny so expect to walk around most places. 

Besides the amazing food you'll be eating there are also a million shops to browse as you're walking around. There's a mix of little boutiques as well as the regular Spanish mall staples like Natura. Shops are allowed to be open on Sundays here so it's a good way to plan around when everything is closed in Barcelona.

For a drink with some scenery head over to the Montroig Cafe. The back garden area is filled with trees and the cocktails are delicious. You can't go wrong with any of the beach-side cafés either.

Need to Know

Get There

If you have access to a car, take the toll road straight there (it's moderately priced at 7 Euro each way as of May 2017) or if you have an extra 15 minutes each way you'd like to travel you can take the (free) scenic route that winds around the cliffs. It's an absolutely gorgeous view and I honestly prefer it (though if you get carsick easily avoid this route). No car? No problem. Take the train from the city - it's only around 35 minutes and you won't have to deal with parking (which, on a great beach day can mean parking miles away from the beach or paying a lot in parking fees).


If you're a surf fan there are a few waves that you can ride around on. The coast line tends to be rocky in a lot of parts so make sure you choose your spot wisely. There's also windsurfing and kitesurfing.


During a short walk about town I saw countless burnt (lobster-y) tourists that were caught off-guard by how strong the sun is. You are not stronger than the sun.


There is definitely no shortage of tapas available in the area and you could spend the entire day bouncing around from restaurant to restaurant, sipping cava or a cortado, and just enjoying everything around you. There are beach-side restaurants as well as ones hidden in small alleys of town. Seafood is obviously an excellent choice here.


If you're in Spain during Carnival then you should absolutely make a point to stop by Sitges. They're known for their two days of costumes and celebrations and it's arguably one of the best places to spend Carnival!


Only here for the day? Know that most locals start heading back to Barcelona around 6 or 7 in the evening. If you're planning on doing the same just account for a little bit of traffic during your trip back.