Explore: Grand Turk Island, Turks & Caicos

We took a spur-of-the-moment day trip to Grand Turk Island. Lucky for us there are many flights to/from Provo and Grand Turk every day so we booked the first flight out at dawn to maximize our day there. We heard rumors of swimming with sting rays and whales and had to see for ourselves.

Provo Airport at dawn

We were greeted by miles and miles of beach where not another soul was to be seen. There are taxis from the airport to anywhere in town but we decided to walk the distance to Cockburn Town. That, and the fact that we had a few calls to make to see where we could snorkel. We were recommended two dive companies and called Blue Water Divers first -- and made plans immediately for a half day of snorkeling. Blue Water Divers makes a commitment to being responsible and to protecting the environment, so that made it the clear choice for us.

We had originally tried to plan the day swimming with stingrays but were told that since there were two (!!) cruise ships that just docked, the waters would be swarming with tourists (and the experience, ruined). I'll have to remember to add that to my bucket list for when I go back.

Snorkeling the drop off

When you forget the GoPro at home and have to rely on a waterproof disposable

After hours exploring the water it was time to come back to town. We walked to The Sandbar and had an amazing (and fresh!) lunch on the beach. We wandered around town the rest of the day and hopped back on the last flight out to head back to Provo.

The Sandbar, Grand Turk

The Sandbar, Grand Turk