How To: Travel in Leggings (and Still Look Cute)


I know, everyone tells you to look good for that potential first class upgrade. But if you're not flying an airline you have any sort of loyalty to, or even a budget airline with no upgrade possibilities, then shouldn't your own comfort be the first priority? When was the last time you magically got upgraded? 

I swear by my travel uniform: sneakers, black leggings, a tank (for layering), and a long-sleeve shirt or sweatshirt. It's not rocket science but it's important to get every component of that right.


The Cozy Legging

These PJ-inspired leggings are just chic enough to pass as a fashion statement instead of drawing glances of confusion and questions like, "Is that girl straight up wearing pyjamas?" [EDIT: If you wear regular, actual PJs to the airport, I salute you.] Made of cozy knit fabrics and accented with a drawstring at the waist, these are usually my go-to when thinking about travel leggings. And no, don't you dare call them sweatpants.


If you're into sleeker silhoeuttes than cozy drawstring joggers, look no further than the active legging. These are the glue that hold together the entire Athleisure trend that has swept the world the last few years. These are great because they're usually super breathable and can adapt to icy cold planes and steamy, tropical departure halls with ease. Added benefit? If you work out while travelling you won't need to pack another pair of bottoms.


Here are the leggings for those that refuse to sacrifice an ounce of style for comfort. If you can sit through a long-haul flight in 100% genuine leather leggings, I am both confused and impressed. If you're a little more comfort-minded then look for leather look leggings, aka leather-inspired, faux-leather, pleather, vegan leather, etc. These usually have more stretch due to the manmade fibers and are therefore kinder to your body when you've contorted into an Economy Class pretzel-like shape for 12 hours. And while I am always a fan of blacks and neutrals, don't be afraid of pops of color or bright prints.