Noir Essentials: [A Belated] April Wish List

I debated posting my April wish list for quite some time. The weather has been absolutely freezing here in NYC save for like, 3 days where it was over 70 degrees. Of course the wish list is based on those 3 short days and now that it's still cold out I'm super annoyed that I can't wear any of this right now without looking absurd. Can someone just transport me out to LA for a week? A day? Accepting all offers now.

1. Vanessa Mooney Gold & Diamond Wrap Choker

2. House of Holland 'On a Promise' Sunglasses

3. Line & Dot Jean Michel Flutter Top

4. Byredo Bal d'Afrique Eau de Parfum

5. Valentino Rockstud Sandal

6. Sachajuan Protective Hair Oil