Cold Spell: Winter is Coming (Again?)

Photography by Chelsea Flecker

I just want to make it very clear that this coat was already safely and securely packed away for the winter. As in, bye bye Winter, hello Spring. So it was a pretty unwelcome surprise when temps dipped below 40 degrees again and I had to frantically dig to find gloves. Really...gloves? Really?! I've given up with looking at the weather because I am just so disappointed by the highs and lows. This winter coat has carried me through the entire season this year and I am not really sure what I would have done without it (besides wearing an awful puffer -- no thanks). It's thick but does not obnoxiously scream, "I AM A WINTER COAT!" It's also faux fur, yay, and looks great zipped and unzipped.

Maybe after this little cold spell I'll be able to put it away for good...knock on wood.