Black on Black (on Black)

Photography by Chelsea Flecker

It should come as no surprise that I am a fan of all-black-everything. My wardrobe is 95% black with splashes of grey, white, and a couple earthy olives, navy blues, and some camel. You would think the battle is trying to make all black look different everyday -- but the real challenge is trying to keep pet hair off of everything! With three cats and two dogs the lint roller gets a lot of action. But enough about the little ones - onto the outfit! 

I love playing with texture whenever I can. Here I have my paneled faux leather leggings from Zara that I actually bought 3 pairs of (just in case I lost them or ruined them and couldn't get them again!) They are faux on the front and ponte knit on the back. I've paired them with my suede Stuart Weitzman boots, a knit turtleneck, and a wool coat with faux fur panels. The bag is, of course, my recently featured Louis Vuitton in 'Epi', which is its own texture in and of itself!