Avec Obsession: Herbivore Orchid Youth Preserving Facial Oil

I recently discovered the magic of face oils and I'll never go back to my old “typical” moisturizer routine again. I've tried a multitude of brands and their various 'elixirs' but only one has really stuck with me this entire time. Meet Herbivore Botanicals' 'Orchid Youth Preserving Facial Oil'. I've already raved about it once before but I think it deserves another post - it's very own (proper) post, that is.

The reason I was drawn to Herbivore in the first place was their packaging. Yes, it's a little superficial BUT I'm immediately suspicious of people who say they don't care what their beauty products look like (everyone cares even just a little!) Their packaging is clean and minimal (and looks gorgeous on any bathroom shelf).

Beyond the superficial, I love that their products are cruelty-free and all ingredients used serve a meaningful purpose. No artificial crap and all the yucky stuff that so many other products are loaded up with. But don't just take it from me -- here's what Sephora says about their products: "This product contains absolutely no artificial ingredients, fillers, alcohol, animal ingredients, fragrances, artificial colors, or unnatural preservatives. Each ingredient is included for a therapeutic reason. No animal testing is conducted on Herbivore’s products or ingredients."

I've been using the oil twice a day, immediately after washing my face and before I put on anything else. If I know I'll be home for a while I will top it off once more (Note: I have really dry skin). I just learned that they made a travel-sized rollerball version, which I plan to carry with me everywhere from now on. I find that my skin absorbs it nicely and I'm left with a slightly dewy glow afterwards. A few tiny drops are all I need for each application -- which brings me to my next point.

The bottle's price tag is a little $cha-ching$ BUT you should know that I've been using mine for 2 months (religiously, twice a day, and maaaaaybe I used it as a body oil just once because I was too lazy to find my regular body moisturizer...) and I've barely reached the 1/4 mark. This bottle is going to last me a very long time and that makes me feel like the dollar signs are justified.

After using this for two months I've definitely found that my skin looks healthier and glow-y. I really can't ask for more in a face oil or moisturizer -- especially since we're deep into a season of holiday parties (aka wine, wine, cold weather, late nights, and more wine) and I am still looking (and feeling) pretty fresh. 

Have you used Herbivore's line of products? What do you think?