Modern Vintage: The Louis Vuitton Noé

Photography by Chelsea Flecker

Bag: Vintage Louis Vuitton Noé in Black Epi | Top: Forever 21 Mens Textured Sweater | Leggings: Sam Edelman Faux Leather Legging | Shoes: Sam Edelman Dea Pump | Sunglasses: The Row '8' x Linda Farrow Luxe (on sale for $79!)

I fell into the world of vintage luxury bags totally by chance last year and I wish that I had known about this little 'secret' much earlier! I call it a secret because I feel like the fact that you can buy a designer bag at a fraction of the cost simply because it's been used a few times is totally genius. And while eBay has been doing this for quite some time, there was always a lingering fear that something you bought may be inauthentic -- which is a terrifying fear when you're about to hand over $2,000 (or more) of your own money! So when all these vintage/pre-owned bag sites started popping up with authenticity and return guarantees it was immediately a no-brainer for me to start browsing and see what bag I would be adding to my collection next!

You can find pre-owned recent collection bags or you can find true vintage pieces. I opted for a Louis Vuitton Black Epi Noé because I've been in the market for a new bucket bag and just couldn't commit to a Mansur Gavriel bag. And after scoring my LV for just under $800 I felt like I definitely got the better end of that deal!

And yes, so while Louis Vuitton still makes the lovely Noé bag (and its debatably chicer, smaller version -- the Petit Noé) it doesn't come in nearly as many colors on their site as what is available to you if you are looking through the vintage archives. So my question is really -- what color are you getting?