Noir Essentials: Hermès Ulysse MM

I've never been one to fuss about a notebook - I've always been a classic Moleskine girl as long as I can remember (and in looking at my Amazon history -- I've been through quite a few of them). So it really surprised me that I suddenly found myself wanting -- no, needing -- a buttery soft Hermès notebook. Specifically, the Ulysse in their classic, rich Togo leather.

Togo leather is an incredibly popular leather for one simple reason: it is almost entirely scratch resistant and can be refurbished to as good as new condition if veining starts to appear. Made from a baby calf (also known as a veau), Togo is a beautiful leather that appears to be raised, yet has a smooth and fine texture that glides across your fingertips.
— Brag My Bag

I'm in love with the soft texture of the leather and hope that it does in fact stay true to being scratch-resistant as I plan to carry it everywhere. And the nice thing about this notebook are the refills! I always felt guilty about throwing away an entire notebook, and sometimes I like to rip out the favorite pages... but now I can pick and choose as I please and can just pop new pages in whenever I'm ready.

Do you have a Ulysse? Or another notebook you love?