Purple Haze

Photography by Chelsea Flecker

Hair: Pravana ChromaSilk Vivids Locked-In Pink, Manic Panic AMPLIFIED Ultra Violet, Pravana ChromaSilk Vivids Silver

Feeling inspired from my last purple-pink color melt, I decided to give my hair a touch up at home. I'm not a hair guru by any means but if there's anything I CAN do it's buy bottles of color and dump them all over my hair (#expert!) Since my base color is almost white from many, many rounds of intense bleaching at the salon, I have the freedom to play with pretty much any color in the rainbow. My skin tone leans towards a little bit of a yellow-green tinge so I prefer to avoid warm colors. I've been told that warm colors are what you're supposed to gravitate towards with this skin tone but oh well, here I am doing the exact opposite.

If you're hesitant about committing to a color, take comfort in the fact that Manic Panic dyes are super gentle, super safe, and only last a few days. I make a point of only washing my hair once a week but I still find that the color fades from even brushing my hair or lying in bed. Then, there's my favorite -- Pravana. Pravana's colors are very rich and last longer. If you're the monogamous type you can try their 'Locked In' colors that seriously take a LONG time to come out. I have the Locked In pink in my hair underneath in a few areas and it hasn't faded a bit since I got it done a few weeks ago!