Treat Yo Self | Dominique Ansel Kitchen

I'm not one to have a sweet tooth but there's something about Dominique Ansel that makes you crave anything he touches. I mean -- there's a reason people still line up at the crack of dawn for cronuts, right? I often find myself walking by the Dominique Ansel Kitchen when I'm strolling through the West Village only to find myself at the counter, mid-order, seconds later (#highwayhypnosis). If you haven't been, I highly recommend the place. Everyone and their mother orders a Croque Monsieur but if you're not carnivorous literally everything else on the menu is delicious. My kryptonite is the Garlic Bread Croissant -- good luck stopping after just one.
So many choices; not enough room in my belly.
Why, hello there.
Photographic evidence that everyone who works here is happy.
If you're feeling ballsy about your kitchen skills and want to attempt some of D.A.'s recipes.
137 Seventh Avenue South
New York, NY 10014